torsdag 19 december 2013

The Luxury Monteray

Damn I love my factory-built custom. Just as it left the band in LA summer 1950. And to date, it has rolled 76000 miles since. I am 4 owner on this non restored car. I found the car in Dallas TX Spring 2004 Time goes fast. Monteray introdecerades to the test in 1950 Approximately 800 of them was made ​​of this luxury car. The advertising brochure was it to go in 4 colors. Black / Yellow, Maroon / Black, Blue / Blue and White / Black. It was produced only in three colors the White / Black was never made​​. Since 1951, it became with the standard selection of Mercury as their luxury model.

fredag 13 december 2013

They say that an old Ford can never die.

They say that an old Ford can never die. And in this case it is true.
This Roadster was found in this old barn. A few years later came up again as Jesus. In my opinion, perfect as 40'style Hot Rod. Glad they saved and will be appreciated again. No matter what age the owner has so spreading the same joy and energy that this car done for over 80 years!
This type of cars will Never and can Never die no matter what. God bless Henry. For given these cars to the people.

onsdag 11 december 2013

Preflyer for Dusters Time Travel Meet #3 2014

Check out our new flyer for Dusters TTM #3 2014!

More info will come with bands playing and ect ect.
Hope this winther passing by quickly.
We need summer and to hear the flatheads roaring while the rest is eating dust!

måndag 2 december 2013

AV8 Project part III

WOW! It start to look like a HOTROD!
But just for 5 minutes, it was no time for sitting in a corner with a beer and dreaming..

Offered one and a half day on sanding before epoxy primern.  Just the worst. The plan is to take it apart again and do a complete paintjob from scratch.. but that will be another winter..

Two days left.... I have to admit that I was a little stressed.. :)

My brother Ronnie has the best painting skills in this company so he operate the spray gun.

More to Come!