måndag 29 april 2013

Another 49 Merc

Another 1949 Mercury is added to the Dusters car collection, this is whats waiting in the US harbour, Joe will have an early christmas this year!

New Project!

The spring has finally arrived with the good weather, the streets have dried up and the sun heats..  As always am I a few months after the plans.. 
I have been dreaming of an hotrod a long time but I never got the thumb out. Last summer I borrowed my brothers roadster a few days and I was completely sold. I HAVE TO GET HOTROD!

6 month ago I run into this project and turned my “what to do list” upside down. Model A roadster stands now on the top.
The frame was straight and in good condition and the body looks better then they usually does, so that was a good start. But it is a lot of hunting to get the project complete.
Anyway, I just start with the construction and here is some pics form last weekend.

…some massage on the cross members to get the right height and make room for the quickie... 

I borrow garage, tools and knowledge from my brother, and a lot of help too!

Modified -36 ford dash take place


onsdag 24 april 2013

Today is probably the day.

Up early in the morning and stand in lines. Many hearts beat for the record today.

fredag 12 april 2013


Today its only 3 months left until we open the gates!
See you there at 12-13 july!!!


Joe & The Hornets will join us both friday and saturday

torsdag 11 april 2013

tisdag 2 april 2013

Preparations for the summer...

Went to another Dusters member last weekend..  Friday evening, a few beers, and a bit of work on the roadster for the summer season..!

The devil made me do it.

I did mount a KONG dist on my Hop Up Flathead this weekend.  It´s purrs like a tiger. With the hand control and everything. This is the real thing one more control to adjust when you driving.
Who say  it easy to drive a HOT ROD!