måndag 29 april 2013

New Project!

The spring has finally arrived with the good weather, the streets have dried up and the sun heats..  As always am I a few months after the plans.. 
I have been dreaming of an hotrod a long time but I never got the thumb out. Last summer I borrowed my brothers roadster a few days and I was completely sold. I HAVE TO GET HOTROD!

6 month ago I run into this project and turned my “what to do list” upside down. Model A roadster stands now on the top.
The frame was straight and in good condition and the body looks better then they usually does, so that was a good start. But it is a lot of hunting to get the project complete.
Anyway, I just start with the construction and here is some pics form last weekend.

…some massage on the cross members to get the right height and make room for the quickie... 

I borrow garage, tools and knowledge from my brother, and a lot of help too!

Modified -36 ford dash take place


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