onsdag 19 februari 2014

My Frenzel supercharger renovation.

My Frenzel supercharger renovation.

Got to make new gaskets for the house and that the thickness of the gaskets, adjust the clearance between the housing and the impeller. Where had to use different thick gaskets to obtain a good distance.

The funny thing about this is that none of them are units that I've seen are the same. It's the little things that are different on each one. The 4 small screws on the house is designed to be able to remove a ball bearing. Without them there will be problems with the job. A good detail missing on many others. Although the pulley forward available in various designs. The basic idea was that it would sit on a wedge and a lock nut. This model has a better solution. Then it sits on a sleeve so it can be replaced if you want to run two or three belts.

Original adapter for carburettors were taken on my Frenzel so it was to produce a new one. This is not 100% like the original. They allow to run with one or two carburetors. Thanks to Stefan for help.

There was a lot of work to adjust the game with the impeller. When changing shims, you had to assemble the the whole unit to measure distance. Time consuming When it was finished so shimmed into the gears to get them to run perect. When this was done, it was clear for the final assembly. Of course, SKF bearings and shims were used.

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