onsdag 4 september 2013

Dusters Time Travel Meet #2 2013 Pictures

Dusters car meet 2013 was perfect!

The weathergods was with us the hole weekend. Clear blue sky
And alot of both new and old cars and motorcycles showed up this year.

Most of the guys in the club had been working there ases of until the last hours on their rides.

Micke took the premiere ride in his newbuilt 28 roadster on deuce rails the day before the show.

I blew my engine in my pheaton on the way to Jokers and took the test ride with the new built engine from Gothenburg up to Borlänge during the night  and arrived in 5.30 in the morning.

Sören Came with his new 1935 pheaton! What a ride!

We open up the doors at noon on friday.During the night Joe and the Hornets played. what a bunch of great guys.

I let the pics tell the rest of the story of the weekend.

This is part I. Friday

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