torsdag 12 september 2013

Dusters Time Travel Meet #2 2013 pictures part II

Wow just wow..

What a great weather and great show we had during the sathurday!
All of us was working most of the day at the gate and inside the show.
but we did have a new thing this year. We had a small run!
Out on gravel roads and drive in a colone. it was a nice sight.
My dad got to drive the pheaton and I borrowed Ronnies 40 Merc conv.
we where around 30-35 cars that was out driving and the plan was to have 2 runs during the day but it was hard for us to get the time to last for it. maybe next year will work better.
Alot of both cars and motorcycles came during the day and we did enjoy it as how often do you get so many period correct cars at the same spot? Not often.

we had 3 bands playing during sathurday this year.
Joe and the Hornets , Fanny May and Eddie and the flatheads!

All three bands for rocking all night! Thanks for perfect gigs you all!

Our good friend painted our club jackets with the logo that weekend as well. Mathias You are the man!,Thanks bro.

I let the pictures tell the story.

We thanks all of you that came this year and hope we meet again next year at Duster Time Travel Meet #3

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