torsdag 17 juli 2014

Dusters Time Travel Meet 2014 #3 pictures PART I

Wow! Dusters TTM #3 2014 is over. We have ben waiting for a hole year for this and now its over.
had But this year we noticed that we spread the word a little longer then before. Cars from Deviants showed up 700km one way from us. A-Bombers showed up with 2 cars as well. 
Dishrag and Mike suported us! Even cars from Norway came to our show.
It feels damn good that the word have spread out more and more as we dont advertice Dusters TTM more then spreading some flyers and talk to people.
 Alot of good quality of the cars this year. We where all stoked over how many kustom and hotrods with super quality showed up. Even the parking for prewar cars had super cars.

Friday was calm and cars came during the day. New for this year was the speed shop.
So for the next year if you want to bring something to sell , just fill your car with parts and drop it in the speed shop or just put them out on a blanket infront of your car!

We didnt have any band playing this year for friday but everyone was bizzy talking and drinking beer.
And not to forget.. alot of tirekicking!
We noticed that alot of familys even brought their kids this year, really good see that we have a future generation with us.
I let the pictures tell the story.
And thank you all that shows up! without you we wont have any Dusters Time Travel Meet

Part II will come tomorrow with sathyrday pics.


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  1. You Swedes have all the good fun! So sorry I will not be ale to see all of you this year at, have some extra fun for me, and have an extra beer for me!! Got that, Martin? Ronnie?.......the rest of you!?

    Din Kompis, CuznBrucie