lördag 19 juli 2014

Dusters Time Travel Meet #3 2014 pictures Part II

Sathurday started out with perfect weather and cars started to come in the park in an early hour.
An old swedish racecar called the shark built in 1949 showed up. wow what a car! last year we had another race so hope thats a trend with old racecars showing up each year.
We had a couple of guys from Holland showing up late during fridaynight. you didnt missed who they where, they had traditional wooden clogs and had themm all year round!

About 3pm we held a small run driving old roads around the old lake Rämen.
Rämen is a well known lake where they held Iceracing during the winthers and as much as 50.000 people where out and watch the racers from all over europe kick the shit out their cars!
Drove old dirtroads and just enjoyed the weather.
later at night we had two bands playing and , yeah you know you cant run around at snap pics all the time I had to drink beer and talk with all people who where in the park.
I let thew pics speak for them self.

Dusters CC thanks ALL of you who came and made this possible.
Without you this wouldnt be such a great weekend with friendly people and such great cars!

Hope we see you all soon again at another carshow or next year at Dusters TTM #4!


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